Rutherford County Farmer's Market - We All Live Downstream

WHEN:  Friday October 12, 2018; Tuesday, 7:00 am - 12:00 pm

REGION:  Middle Tennessee

WHERE: Lane Agri-Park Community Center, Murfreesboro

COST: Free

WHAT: Stormwater happens, but pollution of our local waters does not need to. Using a model, participants simulate rain and visually see the impact precipitation has on the land and water within a watershed. Bare ground loses soil, materials left on the earth’s surface are carried into streams; pollution impacts our drinking water sources! Maps of our Stones River Watershed display the streams in our watershed and impairments to water quality are noted on the map as well. Become a steward of clean water!

Presented by: Bonnie T. Ervin, Project WET Coordinator, Rutherford County