The Center for STEM Education for Girls at Harpeth Hall School - #Girls Fly!! How do we experience the thrill of flight without ever leaving the ground?

WHEN:  Saturday, October 12, 2019, 9:00 - 11:00 AM

REGION:  Middle Tennessee

WHERE: Harpeth Hall School, Nashville

COST: Free

WHAT:  Girls often question their place in particular STEAM fields. “Is it ok for girls to be interested in aeronautics and aerospace engineering?” “Can I see myself flying a drone or even flying a plane?” Of course, the answer is YES! Come explore the science and technology of aeronautics in an all-girl setting.

You’ll have the opportunity to try on flight gear that jet pilots wear. Then, toss on a pair of virtual reality goggles to see what aviation looks like from a 360-degree view. After you design and build your own paper airplane, we’ll put your prototype to the test.

Join in the fun at Harpeth Hall where we know how girls learn best in STEAM.

Presented by aviator Dr. Barbara Bell, CAPTAIN U.S. Navy (ret), Director of The Center for STEM Education for Girls, and Mrs. Karre Sloan, Academic Technology Specialist for the Harpeth Hall School.