Murfreesboro City Schools - STEAM Walks Across MCS

WHEN:  Multiple Dates, See Below

REGION:  Middle Tennessee

WHERE: Multiple Sites, See Below

COST: Free

Showcase of the ways in which students in every grade level and every school in Murfreesboro City Schools have been immersed in STEAM. Public welcome!

Monday Oct. 14

·       Northfield - 8-10am

·       Bradley: 9:40-10:50am

·       Discovery:10am-2:00pm


Wednesday Oct 16

·       Reeves Rogers: 1-3pm

·       Hobgood: 11am-1pm

Thursday Oct. 17

·       Cason Lane: 7:45-9am

·       Overall: 8-11am

·       Erma Siegel: 8-10am

·       Mitchell-Neilson: 1-3pm


Friday Oct. 18

·       Salem: 8-10am

·       Scales: 8am-1pm

·       John Pittard: 9am-1pm

·       Black Fox: 9-11am