Science on Tap: How to Train your 'Lab' Partner! Or your Pug!

WHEN:  October 18, 2018, 7:00pm- 8:30pm

REGION:  Middle Tennessee

WHERE: Mayday Brewery

COST: Free

WHAT: Our latest Science on Tap is all about dog training! Come here two accomplished trainers talk about the process of communicating with a species that can’t talk back!

Kathy Green has been training German Shepherds for 15 years to compete in IPO which is tracking, protection, and obedience.  She has competed in three national trials and numerous local trials.  She also had a reading program in Rutherford County with her dog Unkas for 10 years.  

Reginald Streeter is an Army veteran who continues to work with dogs.  He uses evolutionary insight to train dogs for police work, as well as to make them better family pets.

Sponsored by the Nashville Chapter of the American Chemical Society.